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the annals of insanity

pontius pilates
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I'm like Katharine Hepburn.

Except I'm not classy, well-spoken, an exceptional beauty, or an actress.

my pet!

alan moore, alien hand syndrome, alternative energy, anagrams, animal behavior, apoptosis, art, beer, being silly, being snarky, being tied up, beowulf, bicycles, bikes, bjork, blasphemy, bluegrass, boots, bullshitting, cacti, camping, cats, chaos, chaos theory, chiles, chocolate, chocolate milk, cigarettes, co-ops, coffee, comics, confocal microscopes, conversation, cooking, corsetry, cuddles, cumulonimbus clouds, cute underwear, developmental neurobiology, dreams, drinking, dykes, eating, entropy, ethology, evolution, fantasies, flowers, free food, gaming, gardening, gardens, geeks, genderfuck, genderqueer, genetics, girly music, hating on second-wave feminists, hiking, history, ideas, ink, instant gratification, kink, kisses, kittens, knitting, knives, kurt vonnegut, language, leather, libraries, lightning, linguistics, love, magical realism, meteor showers, mischief, monkeys, movies, mutants, myself, mythology, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, neurological disorders, neuroscience, oberlin, philip k. dick, philosophy, piano, piercings, play piercing, playing in the mud, poetry, politics, post secret, public transportation, puppies, queer theory, rain, reading, rpg's, running around naked, sashimi, scavenging, sci-fi, sex, singing, sleeping, snow, squid, stars, stem cells, supernovae, sushi, sustainability, swimming naked, taking baths, tattoos, tequila, the big bang, the defenestration of prague, the northern lights, the pixies, the virgin/whore dichotomy, thomas pynchon, triple-cream brie, unagi, useless information, walking dead, whisky, william gibson, writing, you, zombies