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(no subject)
Lil' Sharkey
Comps is done. I passed without needing to do any rewrites. Fantastic. Thanks to everyone who said nice things to me; it was very helpful.

Nothing too much else is going on; it's pissing down rain on our heads, and I'm kicking my lab work back into gear now that the six-week shadow of comprehensive exam has lifted. The dog hasn't had any more seizures and appears to be back to his normal routine of eating entire cases of paper towels while I'm at work, and sniffing the cat's asshole. We went to Ann Arbor over the weekend and saw mrfishes's family; they had said it was ok to bring Bucky, but then his mom spent like the whole weekend going on about how allergic she was to dogs and how she liked little terriers and not big dogs. WTF?

If you are allergic to dogs, don't like big dogs, and know that your kid has a 90-lb. retriever mix, why would you unhesitatingly say it was okay to bring the dog to the house???

Oh well. Mr. Dog-dog had a good time anyway; we pretty much spent the whole weekend walking around in the outdoors. I had to get him a "training collar" (aka choke chain) because he has finally figured out that he is much stronger than I am, and that he can drag me down the street if he is not wearing a training collar. He also knows what the training collar is, and that he cannot drag me down the street when he is wearing one.