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dog stories
Lil' Sharkey
1) Bucky Dog is adjusting well to our crazy house. In the beginning, he tore up the molding next to the door every time we went out of the house without him for more than five seconds. He settled down pretty well when I bought a thing that releases dog oxytocin or something into the air, though. He has a remarkable facility for pointing at, and flushing out, various kinds of wild game. While he likes birds the most, rabbits and deer come in close behind. He doesn't mind squirrels, either.

2) I went to the vet with the dog because his foot was cut. He hates the vet tech there, but I like her - she has a tattoo of a rose on her arm, and talks in baby talk to the dog. She tried to give him a cookie, and he clamped his mouth shut and SHOOK HIS HEAD in refusal. (He later took the exact same cookie from me and devoured it.)

3) My little brother gave my mother a pit bull/cattle dog mutt for Mother's Day. This ended about as poorly as anyone who knows either of them can imagine. All the cats survived, though.

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I love dog stories! There's also a spray you can buy to put on areas where you don't want your dog to chew. I put Annabelle in a cage whenever I leave the house to run errands, go to class, etc. because she gets destructive as well. At least she used to. I don't know if she would anymore and I'm not going to risk it. It's cute how quickly dogs get attached to their new owners. Do you know what his mix is?

The spray wouldn't really work, because he was trying to dig out through the door with his claws instead of chewing at it. We were actually afraid to crate him because he hasn't been crate-trained at all yet, and we thought he might hurt himself trying to escape from the crate... But he's being really good now (knock on wood), so hopefully his good behavior will continue.

He is a Black Lab/Irish Setter mix. He's HUGE! I had only intended on getting a 40-50 lb. dog, and ended up with one twice that size. It's a good thing I hadn't originally intended on getting a Lab mix, or I'd've ended up with a Great Dane or something instead :P

What is the name of the thing you bought to chill him out? My dog is a nightmare. I'd love to get one.

Comfort Zone with DAP. (You might want to shop around---there are better prices elsewhere, though shipping and assorted costs might even things out some.)

Merci merci! If this works, you are my hero forever.

Hey...I did something weird and switched my name from ceaselesscece to vitamincece...and now I have you added but you don't have me...add me back please?

no problem!

like the new username better, by the way :)

yeah I am glad I got rid of that ceaseless business, didn't think I'd use lj much back then

:) Thanks

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